Setting up python Black on Visual Studio Code

Marco Belo
2 min readOct 1, 2019

To setup python black as a formatter for VS-Code workspace you need to install it on your virtual env or in your local python with the command:

$ pip install black

Now install the python extension for VS-Code, open your VS-Code and type “Ctrl + p”, paste the line below and hit enter:

ext install ms-python.python

We are almost there. Go to settings in your VS-Code typing “Ctrl + ,” or clicking at the gear on the bottom left and selecting “Settings [Ctrl+,]” option.

Type “format on save” at the search bar on top of the Settings tab and check the box.

Search for “python formatting provider” and select “black”.

Now open/create a python file, write some code and save(Ctrl+s) it to see the magic happen!


Before saving the file.
After saving the code automatically get formatted

Good to know: if Black is not working maybe your python code has some syntax error, recheck the code and test again.

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